Chain link fence:

A self-imposed rusty barrier between neighbours.

Properties surrounded by chain link

look more like jailyards than homes.

Fences create feelings of isolation and detachment.

By taking them down, we encourage

a process of community-building.

(...and it's really fun)


The Downtown De-Fence Project is a volunteer service

offering free fence removal to any willing home owner. 





 Here's some of the work we've done so far!

bartlettbefore1.JPG bartlettafter1.JPG


bartlettbefore2.JPG bartlettafter2.JPG


bartlettbefore3.JPG bartlettafter3.JPG


bartonbefore.JPG bartonafter.JPG


hansonbefore1.JPG hansonafter1.JPG


hansonbefore2.JPG hansonafter2.JPG


hansonbefore3.JPG hansonafter3.JPG









woodrowbefore.JPG woodrowafter.JPG


Chain link represents all that is wrong in this world. Fences discourage communication and collaboration.

A fence marks private property and silently says "my mom never taught me how to share."

A fence symbolises apathy towards community and public spaces, drawing a line of responsibility at the end of one's lawn.

Each time we take down a fence, we open up new spaces in our minds.


Contact us today to schedule your free fence removal:




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