Without permit or license, we plant seeds and seedlings
in all those neglected corners of public space.
Join us as we vandalise the city with nature!


To get involved please contact us!

general info: gardeners @publicspace.ca

West Group
Coordinator: Andy
westgardeners @publicspace.ca

Annex Group
Coordinator: Lindsay
annexgardeners @publicspace.ca

Downtown Group
Coordinator: Erin Wood
downtowngardeners @publicspace.ca

East Group
Coordinator: Heather McDonald
eastgardeners @publicspace.ca


Always try to use native seeds! Not native species can be invasive and harmful to the surrounding eco-system. Toronto is in the "Carolinian" ecological zone and there are many species that are native to our area.

Click here for a list of native species that will thrive in dry conditions
Click here for a list of native species that will thrive in shady conditions
Click here for a partial list of native wildflowers
Click here for list of native perennials & biennials
Click here for a list of native "cold hardy cacti"

NOW Magazine - "Plotting Revolution"
The city may be showing off its Wow Gardens, but in neglected patches across Toronto guerrilla gardeners are perpetrating their own seeding rebellions. Steal a plot, plant it good and join Toronto's blooming civic liberation front.

National Post - "Garden rebels say sod it to neglect" By James Cowan

"Armed with spoons and seeds, guerilla cells spread out across Toronto yesterday, intent on vandalizing its public spaces with flowers..."

EYE WEEKLY: Vandalizing with nature
"Night falls on Grange Park on a cool Sunday in late spring and a small band of urban guerrillas embarks on its first operation of the summer. Their mission: to sow the seeds of a green revolution. Their arsenal: trowels and gardening claws, 10 kilograms of compost, wildflower seeds and a tiger lily."

Globe & Mail: Resistance is fertile
"Ten of us take to the streets armed with tools for digging, seed packets, water and a bag of decent dirt. Not to mention the still-warm coffee grounds we'll use for compost that we wrangled from a java joint."
     June 25, 2005 Style p. L5. Reprinted on Karen's site. Scroll down to ### Transcript begins ###.

Primal Seeds
"An urban adventure at the threshold of nature and culture, taking back our own time and space, transforming the urban desert, into a provider of food and a space where people meet face to face to discuss and participate directly in the remaking of their own towns and cities."

Guerilla Gardening by: Mary Henry
"What is guerilla gardening? That's my term for my sneak attacks on areas in my neighborhood that are horticultural wastelands."

You Grow Girl
Gayla Trail of Toronto runs a wonderful site for the urban garndener. You Grow Girl's main objective has always been a commitment to producing a site that promotes exploration, excitement and a d.i.y approach to growing plants without the restrictions of traditional ideas about gardening.

Guerrilla Gardening: Transform our blandscape by sowing the seeds of a green revolution. By Carly Stasko
"Our cities are a sad sightburied rivers and dead forests encased in cement straitjackets. More parking lots than parks. Weeds sprayed with chemicals. Trees tangled in Christmas lights and caged behind steel bars. Locally and globally, nature is becoming more controlled and corporatized while public green spaces are shrinking. What can you do? "

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