Most of the promotional campaigns that we've seen produced by the City of Toronto for cyclists, tell us what we can't do: Don't ride on the sidewalk, don't be a "Road Warrior", etc.

We thought it was about time for a campaign that encouraged and empowered cyclists, by reminding us what we can do!

So we've designed an ad that informs cyclists in Toronto that they are allowed to ride in the centre of the lane! You don't need to share a lane with a car if there isn't enough room for both of you!

Our ad was published as a full page in the current issue of Spacing Magazine. If you'd like to see it printed in Eye or Now, please make a donation to the TPSC today! Click here to make a contribution. Bike stores and non-profits can have their logo placed on the ad as a sponsor.

photo by Darren Stehr, taken in Toronto on College east of Lansdowne.

click here to download a PDF version of the ad (3.4 MB)

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