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We want a Toronto with public space for everyone. You can help.

For us to continue building a more livable city we need your help to keep our projects and initiatives accessible to everyone.


The Toronto Public Space Committee is a volunteer-run collective of people who are working towards more democratic, inclusive, and joyful public spaces. Established in 2001, the TPSC has a long history of creating projects that both celebrate Toronto and defend it from corporate and private forces.

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For folks who would prefer to send an e-transfer, you can send to TPSC organizer Cara Chellew at

Our goal is to raise $5000 for 2024

  • Cover administrative costs including website, MailChimp, and Zoom 

  • Provide honorariums to reimburse folks for their work

  • Provide ongoing support for current and future projects

What we've been up to....

Washroom Advocacy

Public washrooms are a vital, yet often ignored piece of city infrastructure. The TPSC's washroom subcommittee is working to change this narrative and spotlight the many issues facing Toronto's washrooms. Currently, the committee is calling for large-scale winterizations of existing facilities along with a city-wide and inter-departmental washroom plan. By gathering data on existing facilities and researching feasible alternatives, the committee is working on building a coalition of community support to further this issue in city council.


Placemaking Canada Event


The TPSC played a central role in organizing the Placemaking Canada event that took place at Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto over June 11 and 12. The event brought together public space advocates, practitioners, and placemakers from across the country to talk about how we could build a grassroots network of Canadian placemakers/placekeepers to connect, share resources, learnings, and more. 

Billboard Squad

The TPSC’s Billboard Squad and their work to uncover illegal billboards has been featured in a Al Jazeera short documentary by Cat Mills and Felicity Justrabo. 

The Billboard Squad has screened at several festivals, notably The Melbourne Documentary Festival, Planet in Focus (Toronto) and the Edmonton Film Festival. A Toronto screening in 2022 at Innis Town Hall featured a panel discussion including Dave Meslin, Josh Matlow and Angela Bischoff.




We believe that everyone can be a city-builder and city-shaper. We use our experience to  mentor, guide, and support those new to the field, both young and old. Since 2021 we have mentored about a dozen students and volunteers. 


Political Engagement

We have engaged in numerous public space issues and have written letters to council and encouraged our membership to participate through our email communications. We also help amplify the great work of other folks and organizations such as Ontario Place for All.

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